Current Projects

Direct from Proctor’s 23rd Street Theatre for One Night Only: January 16, 1920

On the eve of prohibition, at the dawn of the jazz, in the midst of segregation, on the brink of a historic election, and with women about to gain the right to vote, one legendary vaudeville house attempts to chase away the troubles of a troubled nation, with a mulatto entertainer, a brassy vamp, a neurotic comic, a tap dancing duo, and a female song-and-dance act. Direct from Proctor’s gives vivid life to an iconic form of American entertainment and fuses it with documented articles of the day to illuminate this turbulent time in American history that has come to feel all too familiar.

February ’43

In February 1843, music, comedy, and cork collided at the Bowery Amphitheatre, paving an audacious path toward the American musical. February ‘43 is a new documentary musical uncovering the sharp and spectacular history of the Minstrel Show, and celebrating the four talented individuals who inadvertently gave birth to this dark, daring, and dangerously powerful form of American popular entertainment.


A new documentary musical about Chicago’s incredible theatrical and musical influence in the early-1900s.

The Show Time! Trilogy

The Show Time! Trilogy is comprised of three new documentary musicals: Show Time! The First 100 Years of the American Musical, charting the evolution and cultural impact of the American musical; 45 Minutes from Coontown, a celebration and history of black musical theatre writers; and 68 Ways to Go, a celebration and history of female musical theatre writers. Featuring more than 100 existing songs that shaped the musical canon across three live-action documentaries, The Show Time! Trilogy weaves live music and live performance through a narrative of world, cultural, and, primarily, theatre history.

West’s past projects include: Unsung Carolyn Leigh for Lincoln Center’s American Songbook; Gatsby: The Songs in Concert at the New York Musical Festival; Make Mine Manhattan and The Fig Leaves Are Falling at the Connelly Theatre; and How Now, Dow Jones at the New York International Fringe Festival.