Ben West is a musical theatre artist and historian. He is the resident historian and timeline and special exhibits curator for the forthcoming Museum of Broadway in New York City, and his book, The American Musical, a comprehensive history of the art form, will be published by Routledge in 2022. He has worked in various capacities on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and regionally. His work has also been seen in Lincoln Center’s American Songbook series. West has lectured and spoken at several institutions including the Library of Congress, Yale University, The New York Public Library, University of Michigan, and Boston Conservatory at Berklee. He is a recipient of Lincoln Center’s Martin E. Segal Award.

Founded by West in 2009, UnsungMusicalsCo. is a nonprofit organization that was initially dedicated to presenting new adaptations of lesser-known works in the American musical canon. In 2014, UMC’s mission evolved. No longer a presenting organization, UMC is now focused entirely on researching and developing prescient new works which illuminate the intersection of past, present, and future, and realize the American musical as a reflection of American consciousness.

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